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What is a Girl Errant?

She smiles as I drop a pair of quarters in her palm. “If this were a fairy tale,” she says, “you’d have just guaranteed yourself some unexpected help later on in the story.”

–Shining Nowhere but in the Dark, Charles de Lint

It starts with an archetype: a landless knight in shining armor upon his steed, following the road to adventure.

Actually, it starts with another archetype: the woman he meets along the way. Maybe she knows the way to a kingdom in trouble or a damsel in distress. In exchange for just a little kindness, she may be able to offer just the right artifact or blessing or gift to carry him to victory. Without the Damsel Errant to point the way, the Knight Errant is in for a long, boring ride.

Sadly, the Damsel Errant has been confined to the role of plot device: once she’s dispensed with her guidance, she’s left behind. She’s given no history, no story of her own, and often no name. If anyone has an interesting story to tell, though, wouldn’t it be the lady who can tell you how to obtain a wishing cloak?

In honor of those women and their forgotten stories, Girls Errant is dedicated to exploring the worlds of geek girls.

Through history, women have been scientists, inventors, artists, authors, directors, and creators. Women helped create the first computers and were early programmers. The geek girl isn’t new, she isn’t rare, and she definitely isn’t going away.

In honor of the trailblazers who paved the way, Girls Errant is dedicated to the amazing ladies carrying on the tradition today and blazing new trails.

Women have been passionate fans from the beginnings of fandom. We’re comic book readers, movie watchers, TV viewers, gamers of all stripes, fanfic and filk writers, and cosplayers. We come in all the different flavors of geek.

In honor of all the fans, Girls Errant is dedicated to being a safe place for geek girls of all types.

From the ladies in the stories we love to the women behind the cameras and computers and canvases to all of us who love them, Girls Errant is for all of us. It’s a great big, fascinating, diverse, amazing world out there.

Let’s get started.