One Girl's Rambles Through Geek Girl Culture

Stay Tuned

My original vision for Girls Errant hasn’t panned out.

There are large stretches of territory in the map of geek girl culture that are unfathomable to me, or where my knowledge is only shallow at best. I can’t–and wouldn’t–speak with authority about gaming, comics, anime, or cosplay. I’m primarily a lit geek, and my propensity to wander off into the wilderness means I’m often by myself and missing whatever’s currently got everyone excited.

Maybe that makes me a bad guide. Or maybe it makes me a good Girl Errant–the type of person you meet in the deep woods who can point you toward something new, and maybe something you didn’t know you needed.

I’ve spent some time mourning the original Girls Errant, and some time lying low as the internet became increasingly hostile toward women with something to say.

But I’m not ready to completely let go of Girls Errant, and I’m not willing to be silenced. This tiny, rarely traveled corner of the internet will return. Maybe it’s not going to go as planned, but we’ll see where we end up.


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